I will be heading back to the Akron Comic Con November 4th and 5th. I am also scheduled to do a panel on voice acting too. More details later. 

Hello everyone.

I'm Frank James Bailey, writer and creator of Tercona. 

I appreciate each and every one of you who visit my booth at conventions, comic book stores and book festivals! It’s fun meeting so many new people. It reminds me of my radio days when I had a live broadcast somewhere and met new people who listened to me on the radio. 

A big thank you for reading my book. Some of you have followed me on this two year journey and have seen the progress from the very beginning. Others are just now seeing Tercona for the first time. I hope you enjoy reading about her as much as I love writing about her. 

My first show for 2018 will be The Gem City Comic Con March 24th & 25th.


This comic con is the closest con in my area. I was there in 2016 and I will be returning to Fantasticon in Ft. Wayne, IN in 2017! HALLOWEEN WEEKEND! 



I will return to Suburbicon in 2017! Suburbicon is a small comic on at the Rosewood Aerts Center in Kettering,. OH (close to Dayton) This year it is Saturday, October 14th

I will return to the Monroe Comic Con in 2017.  Saturday, September 16th, 2017. 

I will return to NEO Comic Con in 2017. NEO Comic Con is a 1 day con in the Cleveland OH area on Sunday, Aug. 20th.