Within a few minutes, Tercona jumped off her board and landed on top of the guy in the red suit. He said with such excitement, “I’ve been caught!”

          Bryan and Britney caught up to the both of them, which didn’t take very long since they were only a few blocks away. Bryan expressed his excitement over the catch, “That’s right…you…bad guy. 
Tercona got you. You’re going to jail. The big house. The…” 

          Both Tercona and Britney stared at him. A look which clearly meant - stop talking.

Chapter 2 - Click Here

 Britney responded very stern, “She’s not my friend.”

“Relax, I was just kidding.”

Tercona continued, “Anyway,
if this is the part of the city that has the most money, I assume it would be the biggest target.”

They all heard a woman scream, “My purse!”

“Told you.”

Britney said sarcastically, “Oh come on, seriously? Right on cue.”

            The north end of Bayville Heights was known as the “high end” area. The part of town where you would find all the bigger, more expensive homes. Most of the doctors and lawyers lived in this area. There were nice outdoor malls, people drove nice cars and dressed in more conservative looking clothes.  Families that owned a business usually lived here too.

Tercona and her two closest friends Bryan and Britney walked through town. A few people stared at Tercona. Was she a cosplayer going to a convention? Some little kids passing them knew who Tercona was right away and pointed while the young ones parents turned their heads. Clearly, some people weren’t used to a superhero in town yet.

Britney sighed, “Why are we in this part of town again?”

Tercona answered, “Crime can happen anywhere and…”

Bryan interrupted, “I think she’s throwing a hissy fit because her cheerleading friend Samantha and her family owns half this area.”

Tercona: Book 2 - Dr. Q & The Banana  Gun

                                Chapter 1

          Britney and Bryan watched as Tercona flew up into the sky on her flying surfboard. Britney said to Bryan, “Why is she chasing after him? He’s just a chubby guy in a cheap red costume.”

Bryan responded, “Who stole that woman’s purse.”

            The man in the red suit grinned as he yelled back, “The chase is on!”

            As the guy in red ran as fast as he could, Britney said to him, thick with sarcasm, “Really?”

            Watching the chase she said to Bryan, “Doesn’t this idiot know he won’t get far. He’s on foot. She’s on a flying surfboard.”

Britney finally looked over at Bryan. He didn’t hear a word she was saying, he was in a trance from watching
Tercona in action. “Ahh, come on fan boy this won’t last long.”

          For a brief moment, he managed to wiggle away from Tercona’s capture. He stood up, put his hands on his hips and proclaimed. “For it is “I” the Red Bandit." I am officially the first super villain caught by the superhero Tercona.” 

          Tercona stopped his rant by putting her hand over his mouth and continued to wrestle the big guy trying to get him back on the ground.

          Britney didn’t know superhero’s like her friend Bryan (who read comic books all the time), but she did know that this guy in a silly red suit wasn’t a super villain. She couldn’t help but laugh. “Are you kidding me?”

Tercona knocked the Red Bandit down on the ground once again.

          Bryan pointed to the Red Bandit, “You’re going down.”

          Britney expressed her frustration to Bryan by smacking him in the arm, “Stop encouraging him.” She then turned and gave this guy a reality check, ”Mr. Red Boo Boo - ”

          The Red Bandit was 
irritated at her remark, “It’s Red Bandit. I’m the Red Ban…”

          Britney didn’t care,  “Ahh, whatever, lame name anyway. Dude, you’re not a super villain. You stole an old woman’s purse. There is nothing “super” about that. You’re just a “bad guy” at most and an annoying one at that. “

Tercona lifted the red caped villain off the ground, he turned and looked at Britney, “I think you’re just jealous. All Tercona has done in this town so far is save people from fires, car crashes and stopped a few small robberies. I will go down in history.”

          Britney rolled her eyes and turned to Bryan, “Is he related to you? Because that’s something you would say.”

          Bryan gave her a hard glare.

          Britney continued, “Anyhow, speaking of history I have to get home now. I have history homework that’s due tomorrow.”

          “I already did mine.” Bryan proclaimed.

          “Let me guess. It was done before you left school?”

Tercona stopped them from bickering, “Guys, hello? I have to take this bad guy to the authorities and then see if anyone else needs my help.”

          Britney couldn’t help but throw out another slam, “Or you could just hand him back to his mom. She’ll ground him for a week and take his action figures away.” She then mimicked a baby noise to the guy shaking her finger at him, “You’re such a bad little boy, shame on you.”

          Red Bandit continued to express his excitement over being caught, “Laugh now. I’m going to make history. You’ll see.”

          Britney asked 
, “Is there any way you can shut him up?”


Tercona made a long piece of thick tape and placed it over his mouth.

          Britney smiled, “Thank you!”

Tercona looked at the criminal she caught and realized he wouldn’t fit on her usual surfboard so she made a Skyrunner. The same flying vessel that her mother Medea made when she was chasing Tercona and her family off of Badacore 3. Now Tercona had plenty of room and was able to travel with her prisoner.

          Bryan eyes just about popped out of his head. “What is that?”

          “It’s called a Skyrunner. I knew the trusty flying surfboard wouldn’t work so –“

          “Why don’t you fly through the sky using this thing all the time?”

          “Do you see how big and completed this thing is? It will disappear just as I get this guy to the police station.” 

Tercona put the Red Bandit in the side seat of the Skyrunner as the Red Bandit continued to mumble behind the tape. She then took off into the sky.

          Bryan said sadly, “You know, now that I think about it, he was a lame villain.” 

          “You think?” Britney said, “ I would have thought a superhero fanatic like you would have seen that a mile away.”

          “I was caught up in the moment. She looks so cute when she’s fighting crime.”

          Britney rolled her eyes, “Come on. Let’s go.”