Outside, the kids were caught off guard by a flash of lightning. The wind was blowing strong as the trees swayed. It wasn’t raining yet but they could tell it was on the way. Bryan pointed up and said, “Wow, the sky is purple. That doesn’t look good.”

            Tercona’s father called her on her wrist communicator. She answered, “Hi Dad, what’s up?”

          “It’s pouring so hard on the north end of town that parts of the area are starting to flood already. Gloa spotted a car on the traffic cam trapped in the rising water by the General Store. How fast can you get there?”

          Tercona’s face twisted with rage. “That hurt!” she thought as she ground her teeth. If she could breathe fire, she would. This was a fist fight, hand-to-hand, her powers unavailable to her. That wasn’t going to stop her. Tercona screamed in anger as she twisted around and threw her strength into a punch with her right hand.

            Her opponent ducked the punch, pivoted and lashed out with a side kick that caught her in the stomach. Pain flared as she flew backward and flopped to the ground, trying to catch her breath.

          The look on Tercona’s face was of pure disbelief. Really…she didn’t kick that hard? Her insides felt like someone had slammed them with a sledgehammer. Tercona realized she should never get in a fight with her friend Britney. She was one tough girl who could dish out as much as she took.

         Britney leaned down closer to Tercona who was still wounded and in pain, “I was holding back.” Britney then kicked Tercona in the leg, hard. “A true villain will hit you with no remorse. They will want to end you because YOU want to stop them! You need to be …”

          Tercona reached down to help her friend up. Britney smiled and raised her hand accepting the help. Britney said “Thanks. Now how do I get this rope off my feet? It might make it hard to walk.”

          “That’s the point.” 
Tercona pushed her in the chest with one finger, causing Britney to fall backwards very easy.

          “Oh, come on!”

          “Relax, it’s easier to take the rope off if you’re sitting down.”

          Britney realized Tercona was right and started to unravel the rope on her feet.

          Bryan Evans had been standing on the upper level so he could see all the action from above. He had known Britney for a long time and just recently found out his friend Paige was the superhero Tercona. Bryan sold a lot of his old comic books and bought the warehouse for Tercona and her family so it would help her become a better superhero and hide her training from spies outside who might want to cause her harm.

          He walked down the stairs and admired how the place was looking much better 
than when he first bought it. It was now filled with martial arts practicing tools, a big steel wall, and a few weapons lying on the floor like a bo staff, nunchucks, a bat and a long stick. As he walked toward the girls, his eyes were still locked on his phone as he asked, “Have you two made up yet?”

          Britney told him, “We were never mad at each other.”

          “I got video of the whole fight on my phone. A girl fight will go viral so fast. Guys love…”


          Bryan finally looked up from his phone. The girls stood right in his way. They did not look happy.

          “Hey, I’m kidding!”

          The girls glanced at each 
other, and then started to walk closer toward Bryan. He scrambled backward, panic rising.

          “Seriously, I didn’t take any pics or video. Look!” He tossed his phone to Britney.

          Britney grabbed it in 
mid-air and began to scroll through the pictures and video. "He’s telling the truth. It’s clean.” She threw Bryan’s phone back to him.

          He let out a breath he’d been holding in, “See?” Bryan pointed to Britney, “Besides, I’m more afraid of her 
then a girl with superpowers.”

            The girls looked at each other and were satisfied with that answer, for now. Bryan took a few steps away and looked around the warehouse. “What do you think we should call this place?”

Tercona asked, “What is it with you and naming things?”

            “Because every superhero has a secret hideout that’s called something.”

            Britney wiped sweat from her forehead using her shirt sleeve and said thick with sarcasm, “How about - The Warehouse?”

            Bryan saw what she did, “First off, yuk. Here’s a towel.” He also knew she was kidding about the warehouse comment but ignored her, “Second, 
nah… too boring. I was thinking something like Tercona’s Tower.”

Tercona told him, “I hate to state the obvious but it’s not a tower, it’s a warehouse.”

            “I know but that name says it’s Tercona’s.”

            Britney looked around a moment, then said, “How about – The Blue Box.”


            “Think about it. This place is square like a box and her hair is blue. Besides, the blue box doesn’t scream ‘THIS – IS - A – SUPERHERO – HIDEOUT’ like Tercona’s Tower.”

Tercona agreed, “I like it.”

           Bryan was hurt he couldn’t name it. “Are you kidding me? You agree with her that fast? ”

           Tercona defended her friend, “Well, yea. I really like it.”

           “Ahh, I want to name something.”

           Britney laughed as they started to walk away, “Come on you big nerd. I’ll let you name something soon.”

           “You’ll let me? She’s the superhero. Speaking of superhero, 
Tercona, I love the new suit.”

           “It’s not a new suit, just an upgrade. The color is more streamlined now. It came when I finally perfected making my suit out of K – 29.”

          Bryan remembered, “Oh, the stuff from the frame of your ship. So you’re 
bulletproof now?”

          “Well, mostly…”

          “Hold on a second,” said Britney, “If your new suit is like a thin coating of armor, why did it hurt when I kicked you?”

          Bryan jumped in, “I know why. Because Britney doesn’t know the meaning of the words, ‘hold back’. It’s all or nothing with her.”

          Britney just smiled at both of them. As she started to walk toward the door Bryan and 
Tercona both noticed she was limping.

          Tercona asked, “Britney, are you okay? Wait, isn’t that the foot you kicked me with?”

          Britney bowed her head in shame, “All right, it really hurt when I kicked you. Are you happy now?”

          They laughed a little. Bryan said, “Do you know what this means?”

          “That I’m not as tough as you think I am?”

          Tercona put her hands around Britney’s shoulder, “No, it means you’re kick was so strong that it hurt me and you. I’ll have to thicken the suit up just a pinch so when we do this again, I won’t feel your powerful kicks.” 

          Britney smiled, “Can I get one of those suits then? You know, to make it fair.”

          Tercona smiled back, “We’ll see. What I can’t figure out is how you were able to hit me so often.”

          “That’s easy, you telegraph your moves.” 

          Bryan looked confused, “She what?”

          “She shows them before she makes them. They are easier to read 
then one of your comic books.”

          Tercona looked surprised, “Oh?”

          They continued to talk as they walked out the door. None of them noticed a small black cat that ran across the warehouse. The cat jumped up to a window and slithered through a small hole in the wall right next to the window. Once outside, the cat smiled. 

Tercona: Book 3 - Trinity's Traps

                       Chapter 1

          Before Britney could continue her rant Tercona jumped up, constructed a small rope, wrapped it around Britney’s ankles and pulled, causing her to fall on the hard ground. “You were enjoying this a little too much.”


          Tercona was right. Britney confessed, “Well, maybe a little. I guess I deserved that. I do enjoy the thrill of the fight.”

          The old warehouse they were sparring in was very big. The ceilings were over fifty feet high. It was cleaned up but still had an old damp smell to it. It also had an upper level that looked over the whole warehouse. 

          Was Tercona fighting a new supervillain? No, this was a sparring match with her friend, Britney Garcia, who clearly knew what she was doing. 

          She gave Tercona a good challenge and made every second of her lesson count as she then kicked Tercona in the stomach while she was on the ground. 

          This time Britney felt pain in her foot but made sure to not let Tercona see that she was hurt.

          Tercona’s face clenched with pain as she held her stomach and waved her hand in the air to signal a break to the sparring session. Britney looked down at her, “Come on, I didn’t kick you that hard.” 

          Tercona asked, “General Store?”

          Bryan explained, “It’s a store that generally sells – everything.”

          Tercona sighed and said, “Oh, Okay…anyway. Great, heroics in the rain, topped off with raging flood waters.”

          Bryan couldn’t believe his ears. He asked her, “Wait, you never saved someone in the rain have you?”

          Tercona responded, “It‘s not the rain I’m worried about.”

          Britney asked, “Is there anything we can do to help?”

          “No. That’s okay. I’ll be fine.”

          Her dad advised, “Don’t use your Skyflyer. You could fall off too easy in these strong winds and land in the rising water.”

          Tercona sighed, “Got it, Dad. On my way.”

          Bryan asked, “You’re seriously going to up and fly away and not tell us why you’re afraid of water?”

          “Not now, maybe later.”

          Tercona constructed her Skyrunner and quickly hopped inside.

          Bryan asked, “Okay then tell me 
this, if you can’t make water how is that thing flying? Doesn’t it need a cooling system of some sort?”  

responded for her, “Really? She’s in a mad dash to save people in a flood and you ask her techy questions?”

          Tercona told Britney, “Thanks. Hey, can you call your dad to pick you up? I gotta go.” She then took off as fast as she could to the north end of Bayville Heights.

          Britney said to Bryan, “My dad?”

          Bryan pulled out his cell phone, “Don’t worry about it. She doesn’t know how strict your dad is. I’ll call my mom. She can pick us up.”

          As the rain started to come down, Britney let out a sigh and watched as a black cat ran down the road in the rain. 

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