A waitress walked over to her, astonished by what she just saw. “Wow, that was amazing! Who are you? WHAT are you?”

Even though she had been on Earth for over 20 years, for one brief moment she used her sir name, “I am Princess…”

But she stopped herself and took just a second to think about other great superhero names. She couldn't think fast enough. No sense in coming up with something stupid. She realized she might as well tell them who she really is. “I’m sorry. Tercona. My name…is Tercona!”

Tercona looked back at her dad. She could tell what he was thinking. His face spoke volumes. He was happy his daughter was still alive.

She smiled back at him, hoping he would understood her message, “I hope you’re not mad”.

The manager behind the counter looked at the robbers all wrapped up tight and laughed. “I don’t care where she’s from or what her name is. I feel safe with her around.”

For a few brief moments, she was the center of attention. That was until everyone’s eyes turned to the flashing lights coming down the street. Someone had called the police about the robbery. How would she explain to them what just happened? She realized she needed to go, fast.

Tercona looked around in a panic. Should she go back to the bathroom and change into her human disguise again? No, that would be way too obvious. She could go out the broken window? No, she might scratch herself and get hurt.

She couldn’t fly. She couldn't just run out the front door, that would be too easy. So, now what?

Without making it look to obvious, she looked over at her dad, worried. Her face spoke with out works, “What do I do?” He gestured with a nod of his head, signaling for her to go out the front door. Was he crazy? Cops were right down the road.

She saw her brother do the same movement, telling her to go out the front door.

Not knowing for sure what to do, she took their advice. She ran out the front door into the parking lot.

Running after her, the waitress asked, “Wait, where are you going?”

When Tercona got out side she looked up and knew that the fastest way out of there was to fly. But how?

Just then, a teenage kid on a skateboard rode up right behind her. He bumped into her and almost fell off his board. He wasastonished by what he saw. Was this a girl in a cosplay outfit?

The kid on the skateboard made her remember the long surf boards that people stood on in the water when she lived in California. So Tercona used her powers and made a flying surf board.

The kid on the skateboard could not believe his eyes.

Tercona hopped on her board and flew away into the sunset just as the police are pulling up.

As she flew off, the police officer got out of his car, looked up and asked. “What was that?”

The waitress corrected him, “not a “what” but a “who”. That was Tercona.”

When it was all done, she took a deep breath, and then looked around the room to take it all in. She had just foiled 3 robbers.

Like it or not, despite her father holding her back for so long, there was no turning back now. Tercona was officially…a superhero.

She slammed the large metal staff on the ground and it made a loud “ting” that echoed throughout the whole diner.

“DROP IT!” Tercona demanded.

The last thief not only dropped the gun but he also dropped to the floor surrendering and crying… “Please don’t hurt me.”

Crying or not, he was still a thief who put innocent lives in danger. She wrapped him up with

a long heavy chain too.

Tercona knew she didn't need the shield any more. She could easily scare him with intimidation so she threw the shield down on the floor.

For this third and final robber she made a long metal rod.

When she heard the bullets hit the shield…


She was relieved. It worked!

From behind the shield she used her other hand to make another chain to wrap this guy up.

Now…she was mad! Someone just tried to kill her. The last robber was standing with his gun pointed at her. She could tell this guy is terrified. Fear was oozing from his eyes.

As the shots echoed in the diner, Nor-con feared the worst for her. Tercona could hear her brother scream, “T e r c o n a!” Although, with so much commotion going on, nobody really heard what he was saying.

When she heard the gun go off, her reflexes reacted immediately. She used her powers to make a thick metal shield.

As her powers formed the shield, she began to think, “Was I fast enough? I can make things very fast but…faster than a bullet?”

She remembered being hit in the hand with a knife because she wasn't fast enough. Her eyes squinted in fear behind the shield.

For those few seconds she was being shot at, it was almost as if…time was moving in slow motion. A few seconds seem to last for hours. Although in reality, it wasn't.

BANK!     BANG!      BANG!

Again, she said to herself, out loud, “Note to self: if I ever do this again, LOSE THE CAPE!”

One of the robbers, the one who demanded the money, was outraged. This was going to be an easy score. What was going on? Who was this…girl?

He saw Tercona trip on her cape and seized his opportunity to attack. “What Are You?” He screamed.

He wasted no time in trying to stop her, firing shots.

She made one big mistake that first day when she became a superhero. She made a cape. Only because all the superhero’s her brother read about had capes. She learned what works for some doesn’t work for others.

As Tercona walked toward the remaining robbers her cape got caught on a loose nail on the floor. For a moment, this took her attention off of what she was doing.

First, Tercona’s eyes aimed for the man who was about to attack her brother. She wrapped a chain around the robber. A chain just like the one she used to tie up the guard on Badacore 3.

All everyone in the diner could see were flashes of blue lighting coming out of this girls fingers and turning into a long chain.

As she worked, she softly talked to herself, “One down, two to go.”

The robbers were completely caught off guard.

It broke with a loud crash!

The loud noise made everyone's heads turn their attention from the thieves to this girl with blue hair in a superhero suit who just broke through a window.

Even her little brother, who had a gun pointed at him, couldn't help but be shocked.

His mouth flew open in amazement. He knew who it was.

She quickly looked around in the bathroom, it was empty. She waved her fingers in front of her body and changed her appearance back to her old self. Her long flowing blue hair and blue eyes were back. Only this time, she was wearing a thick black mask and a blue and black suite with a cape. Beautiful, yet confident. She looked nothing like the girl who just went into the bathroom. She looked like a superhero that her brother might read about in his comics.

She dashed out of the bathroom window.

Quickly, she ran around to the front of the building. Like a jaguar, she jumped through the diner window.

THIS        WAS        THAT      MOMENT!

As always, Nor-con held his son back, “No. Now is NOT the time. These thieves will take what they want and then go. You’ll see.”

Defiant, Persoins rebelled and tried to stop them anyway. “No, I’ll show you. I can do this.”

Parsonis got up out of his chair and tried to throw the device on the ground at the robbers. 

Nor-con tried to stop him, “SON…NO!”

Tercona watched from the bathroom door as her little brother got up and tossed this thing on the floor. Sadly, nothing happened. It was like a dud firecracker. It just fell to the floor.

Now Nor-con and Personis look worried. What had he done? The robber took this as a threat. He pointed his gun at Personis, “Did you just try to throw something at me? Are you trying to be a hero?”

Tercona realized that the thieves robbing the diner hadn't been the moment she was waiting for. Her family was now in danger.

Tercona watched through the crack of the bathroom door as the robbers stuck fast. They shouted their demands, “Open the register…NOW!”

In the distance Tercona watched as Personis wanted to be the hero. He said to his dad, “Father, this is that moment you were talking about. I can do something, look.”

Personis showed his father a device he had in his pocket. It was as small as a quarter. “This will…”

Actually, pulling away had more of an impact on her then she realized. It meant he wasn't holding her back anymore.

Nor-con told his son, “Finish up, when she comes back we’re leaving.”

As the bathroom door closed behind Tercona, something caught her ear. The sound of commotion made her turn around and open the door to see….

Three men is ski masks running into the diner and pointing guns at the girl behind the cash register.

Nor-con reached out and grabed his daughters hand to stop her before she took off. As a last effort he wanted to reach out to her and tell her something, but he never got the chance.

Tercona pulled her arm out from her dads grip, “Not now dad”, and then stormed away. Nor-con seemed a little taken back by her pulling away so strong; however he knew she is only heading to the bathroom. It was just frustration.


The year that changed everything.

Nor-con and his kids were eating their evening dinner at a small town diner in Ohio. He had spent years maintaining his family’s secret identities. Tonight was no exception. They looked like any normal family out to dinner.

Tercona (who was dressed as a teenager named Paige) was staring out of the window watching the sun set. She looked sad, almost depressed.

Nor-con was concerned. “You haven’t touched your food. What’s wrong?”

“Dad, I’m sick of running. We've been on the move for over 20 years. I think we’re safe now.”

“Moving was never about your safety. You know that. It’s about…”

“Yea…yea, I know, it’s about the age thing. It’s just…if we are supposed to act like Earth kids I want to BE like an Earth kid. I want to stay in one place long enough to make friends.”

“Do you think moving all the time has effected your ability to make new friends?”

Tercona and her brother say in unison, “Yes.”

Nor-con didn’t know what to think.

Tercona continued, “We don’t want to move any more. I want to graduate from one high school like a normal Earth kid my age. I want a place we can call…home.”

“Earth is our new home.”

“You don’t get it, do you?”

Personis chimed in with his two cents, “Dad, I feel like we're the outcast wherever we go. As soon as we get used to the school, we move again.”

Nor-con felt trapped by the words of his own kids. “Is that all?”

Tercona had more, “No. I don’t think you understand how frustrating it is. I have this great power and my father keeps telling me NOT to use it. You keep telling me, “wait for the right time”, well dad…when is the right time? There has been so many people I could have helped, but I didn't. Lives that I could have saved but YOU…”

Her dad shuts down her little outburst… “Paige!”

The tension is snapped. For a moment, nobody spoke. A few customers around them were staring at them because Tercona was shouting. Nor-con saw that they are being watched. He motioned for his daughter to tone it down.

Then Personis broke the silence, “You know sis, even the great superheroes I read about can’t save everybody.”

Tercona started to choke up with emotion, so she got up to go to the bathroom, “Sometimes I feel so alone.”

“Turns out my father was right. There are those moments in time that you wait for. The right moment when you must take action.

When those crucial life changing moments present themselves, trust me…you’ll know it.”

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Tercona: Book 1 - Our New Home

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