James Cook of Texas (no site) 


The first book (Tercona: Book 1 - Our New Home) came out in November of 2015. Since then I have had a number of fans draw their own version of Tercona fan art! From a drawing of just Tercona to artwork of 2 or more characters. 

I am very humbled by how much you like Tercona. So this page is dedicated to all the up and coming artists who like to draw Tercona.

For the record, if the artist has a DeviantArt page or a Facebook LIKE page you can "click" on the picture to find there page. A few artists don't have a page so I just put their name by there drawing and where they're from. 

Thank you, again, for all your love and support. 


Drew Magick Illusions

allydesings (no site)

Tercona and Toa Nokama

by Stephanie Singer (no site)

This one is by Tan Thuy from Utah. She also does her own comic too. See her comics and art by clicking on the Tercona art below. 

Don Baxter from Cleveland, OH (no site)

These first few drawings are from Neo Koi. 

These 2 were drawn by Carissa from Washington. 

StryKariSPEEDER AKA Nathan Barlow

Alex Green from the UK (no site) 

lunarflurry (no site)

Tercona Fan Art

Kayla from New York (no site)

William in Oklahoma (no site)

Mari Josi from Lima, Peru (no site) 

Prenn Cooder

Abby in Indiana (no site)

This one is Tercona's mom - Medea.

From Emma (no site)

This is by Brandon Davidson. Tercona with his dragon is his character Gildemeir.

Hasatona from Indonesia (so site or page)