Paige T. Smith is the alter ego of the superhero Tercona. 

Paige and Tercona are two very different people and they have to be so that nobody suspects that Paige is really a superhero. 

Paige has long brown hair, wears glasses, likes to play video games, go see superhero movies and spend time with her friends. 

Tercona has long blue hair, bright blue eyes, wears a blue mask and uses her powers to fight crime at night. 

Paige walks to school or takes the bus. 

Tercona flies through the sky on her flying surfboard called the Skyflyer. When she needs more space she sometimes uses another vehicle called a Skyrunner that kind of looks like a flying car.


Paige T. Smith

HOMETOWN: Bayville Heights

OCCUPATION: Student at Bayville Heights High School (she is also the superhero Tercona.)

SIBLINGS: 1 - Her younger brother Parker Smith - age 13

PARENTS: Dad (Nor-con)

INTERESTS: She likes a lot of the same things Bryan likes. Comic books, superhero movies and video games.  

LOVE INTEREST: Right now she doesn't want to get involved romantically with anyone because she ages 1 year for every 10 years on Earth. She will outlive anyone she dates and she doesn't want to hurt the person she loves. 

FULL NAME: Paige T. Smith

GENDER: Female

AGE: 15 (Born October 31) 

** She's s actually 150 years old and her real birthday is unknown. October 31 is the day she landed on Earth. **



SKIN COLOR: Caucasion

HIGHT: 5'8"

WEIGHT: 127 lbs

BODY TYPE: Athletic

PERSONALITY: Paige is a little timid and shy at first.  She's friendly but laid-back. A little naive sometimes. (IMPORTANT - these traits hide the true personality of her superhero alter-ego Tercona.)