Tercona: Book 1 - Our New Home

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Chapter 1 - click here

Flurg looked up at the balcony and saw for himself a young girl she had pointed out moments ago. The girl looked to be about 13. Her long flowing blue hair blew as a light refreshing breeze gently cooled her. Flurg then spotted her tiara.

“I don’t know, youngling. Time will tell.”

“That sounds good, Papa.”

“Yeah, you’d think that. Turns out they don’t get old like we do and something funny must have happened, because that lady, Medea, stopped acting like a partner. She started saying that where she came from she’d been royalty, so we all should treat her like a queen and that’s when she forced many of us to build that castle right on top of her ship.”

Barnok stared at him, her eyes wide. “They don’t talk about any of this in class. They say that Queen Medea came here to bring us gifts as a generous leader.”

He shook his head. “No, they wouldn’t. They want you to grow up and think it’s always been this way. Anyway, we were supposed to bring them food and get back tech or metal. Instead of trading, the Queen started demanding it, calling it a proper tribute to her. When some refused, she led her forces and attacked, brutally.” He shuddered. “There have been a few scattered attempts to resist, but they get put down. They have some sort of blue lightning. Power of the Gods, youngling. It would make things appear in midair that will fall and crush you flat like a giant sky-bug.”

Barnok turned her head around and looked at the castle again. She took a deep breath and sighed.

Flurg finished his speech, “That’s why you don’t want any trouble from the Castle.”

Barnok was quiet for a moment, looking down. “So are all of them bad Papa?”

Flurg scratched his head and thought. “I don't think so. I think some are just doing what they’re told. The Queen is bad, for sure.”

again pointed to the balcony high up on the side of the castle and asked, “What about her?”


“Their leader was a tall pregnant woman with blue hair. She had a little girl who stood next to her. She was guarded by a man who my Grand-pa thought was a healer and turned out to be the little girls father. There were also soldiers — lots of soldiers.

They said they came in peace, that they were refugees from a catastrophe that had destroyed their home and were looking for a place to share. The elders agreed and these people were welcomed.”

So imagine our surprise when it opened up and out marched a bunch of people just like us. Well, not just like us. They were pale-skinned and had those blue fingers.”

Barnok was confused. “There is a ship under the castle?”

Flug continued, “Yes…a great big ship. My grandpa — your great-grandsire, Bardok, was one of the elders who ventured out to explore this many years ago.


The question caught him off-guard. “You’re a youngling, so all you’ve known is their rule but it wasn’t always that way. Before I was born, we Badacorians lived a quiet life. Then one day, out of the sky, comes this great metal temple — bigger than a mountain, bigger than anything any of us had ever seen. It settled down right where the castle is.”

One of the purple people, Flurg, drove his nordbeast from the field toward the barn smiling as he walked. The crops would soon be ready to sell at the market.

As he approached the barn, his daughter
Barnok, walked closer to him and then pointed at the cattle. Flurg made her put her hand down. “Now what have told you? Come back inside. We don’t want any trouble.”

Barnok always obeyed her father but she realized that he did not see what she was pointing at. She wasn’t just pointing at the castle. This time someone was peeking out of the window of the castle. “No father, look! Who is that?”

That was Princesses Tercona.

After a 
few moments
she turned and asked, “Papa, why are you afraid of the Castle?"

On my home planet I was a princess and my mother was evil queen. However, it didn't start off that way. Let me go back, back to the beginning. On this planet there was a village surrounded by farms and overlooking this village was a castle…”

Er, yeah. The point is, Badacore 3 is much like Earth, only a little smaller. 

So why tell you about a planet in a distant far off galaxy?

Because that’s where I’m from. 

It's amazing, rich with abundant water and fertile soil, the freshest, cleanest air you'd just love to breathe, and all sorts of neat creatures, Oh, and it has the best electro-magnetic field, thick and radiant, that you could just soak in--.

In the deep vacuum of space, a vast distance from Earth, um, that way...

...is a planet called Badacore 3.

It's sort of a unique place. For one thing, it's the only rock in the entire Sector 3 galaxy capable of holding life.

Well, I can answer that. Yes, of course there is. I mean, come on, the universe is too big a place to only have one planet with life on it.

But here's the thing. Where there's life, you get everything that goes with it - drama, joy, pain, sadness, and love.

Let me tell you a little story about that.

"Hello? Is this thing working? Okay, you guys, you said I should record this for the future, so here goes.

I've been told there's an age-old question everybody asks all the time here - is there life on other planets?