HOMETOWN: Bayville Heights

OCCUPATION: Superhero (her alter ego Paige is a high school student.) 

SIBLINGS: Her younger brother Personis. (His alter ego is Parker) 

PARENTS: Mom - Queen Medea 

                   Dad  - King Nor-con

INTEREST: Learning to be the best superhero she can be. 

LOVE INTEREST: She doesn't want to get romanticly involved with anyone because she ages 1 year for every 10 years on earth and she will outlive anyone she dates by 900 years or more. She doesn't want to hurt anyone she deeply loves. 

Tercona was born on a planet called Sonilakis, which is where she got her powers from. When that planet was destroyed her mother and father moved to a new planet called Badacore 3.

Badacore 3 was filled with very peaceful natives that had purple skin and farmed the land. Tercona lived on Badacore 3 for most of her childhood. Through the years, on that planet, she saw her mother miss treat the natives. Medea used her powers to torture and kill the poor Badacorines who would not obey her rule! Medea abused her powers and ruled the land as an evil queen.  

One day, when her mother put her own husband in a cell, Tercona had enough of her mother. She broke her dad out of the cell, escaped the planet with her brother and her dad and they left her mother on Badacore 3.

They found a new home on Earth. 

Since Tercona ages very slowly, 1 year for every 10 years on Earth, she also only needs to sleep about once a week so she fights crime at night. 

Tercona's powers come out as lighting bolts from 3 fingers and then form into constructs. The bigger the construct the faster it goes away the smaller the construct the longer it stays.  

FULL NAME: Princess Tercona of Sonilakis

GENDER: Female

AGE: 150 Earth years




HEIGHT: 5'8"

WEIGHT: 127 lbs

BODY TYPE: Athletic

PERSONALITY: Brave, heroic, friendly, helpful, confident, but sometimes is unsure of her actions because she is still learning to be a good superhero.